Animal Onesies & Pikachu Kigurumis

Kigurumis are just cute – just so perfectly Kawaii!!!

Because the Kawaii style from Japan includes everything that is cute, sweet and doll-like. And the cuddly plush Kigurumis in our shop are of course just the thing!

Kigurumis are versatile and now quite presentable – at least in certain salons.

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So really nice kawaii

Kigurumis are of course primarily used as a great costume for cosplay, carnival, Halloween and theme parties. However, more and more Kawaii fans use the cuddly Onesies as house clothes to snuggle up in front of the TV on cold days or not to get cold feet while reading their favorite book.

Especially children do not want to take off the comfortable and warm Kigurumis. So it’s no wonder that kigurumis are now also very popular as pyjamas. And not only for the little ones!

Kawaii Kigurumis for every taste!

Of course you will find a lot of options of Kawaii Kigurumis in our shop. If you would like to be inspired, then please just read on!

You will find a lot of original Kigurumis in our shop, be it as pyjamas, as house suits, as costumes or whatever. By the way, in Japan and increasingly here in Germany you can see people in Kigurumis going about their normal business.

All our Kigurumis are of excellent quality and you will have fun with them for a long time! And now lots of example great Kawaii Onesies.

Pokémon Kigurumis

Kigurumi Pokémon are the perfect pajamas and onesies for anime lovers. Of course, there are all sorts of characters, such as Pikachu, Charizard, Charmander, Snorlax, and others. If you were one of those who watched the animated series and fell in love with the cute little things from the start, these models are just the thing.

Animal Kigurumis

Animal Kigurumis are of course also real classics and always popular, whether as a costume, pajamas or clothes for after work. Especially popular at the moment is the unicorn Kigurumi, because the mythical creatures are very trendy. Often these Onesies are seen in rainbow colors and of course with lots of glitter. Otherwise all kinds of animal Kigurumis are available, e.g.

  • Cute cat kigurumis that make you want to start purring with delight yourself.
  • Penguin Kigurumi are a real hit at the latest after the hit movie Madagascar. When you wear the cuddly Kigurumi, you immediately feel like Kowalski, Skipper, Private or Rico. These Kawaii Kigurumis are especially original in winter, of course, when you can waddle through the snow in them.
  • Of course, there’s also more exotic stuff, like Koala Onesies in the best Kawaii style. If you like to keep it extra classy, you can carry a few sprigs of eucalyptus with you, or a bag of eucalyptus candy.
  • What the eucalyptus is for the koala, the bamboo is for the cute panda bear, which is of course also available as a kigurumi. Besides the Panda Bear, there are of course all kinds of bear onesies.
  • The list can go on and on, as there is practically every animal available for purchase as an Onesie costume/pajamas. Especially Kawaii are of course mice, bunnies and the like.

Other Kigurumi Models

Of course, not only Pokémon and Brehms Tierleben have inspired the Kigurumis, but also all sorts of other companies, series and comics, for example:

  • Totoro Kigurumi from the 1988 movie “My Neighbor Totoro”
  • Spyro Kigurumi from the popular video game Spyro the Dragon
  • Monokuma Kigurumi
  • Stitch Kigurumi from the “Lilo and Stitch” series
  • All kinds of dinosaur Kigurumis – of course also in cute – so Kawaii – form.

So, we think you are now sufficiently inspired and have a look around in the shop. We have guaranteed for every Kawaii fan the right thing!

All our Kigurumis are of excellent quality, easy to clean and have fair prices.

Please remember to turn the cuddly Onesies inside out when washing and to remove stains with a damp cloth and possibly some mild soap, instead of putting the whole Onesie in the washing machine. You should rather do without the dryer!

Have fun picking them out and cuddling later!