If you are a true, devoted follower of global fashion trends, then your Instagram and Pinterest feed must be flooded with Korean fashion these days. Thanks to the upsurge of Korean pop music and Korean dramas, females across the globe are obsessing over the Korean style statement.
Seoul is flourishing as one of the most celebrated fashion capitals of the world. As such, the collective fashion sense of Korean women is also evolving with each coming day. Korean girls are fearlessly taking fashion risks, and their every move comes out as an astonishing yet phenomenal trend.
Do you want to create a Korean-style wardrobe for yourself? Or simply want to spice up your daily look with a sparkle of K-fashion? Let us help you take a leaf out of the books of our Korean ladies, and learn the basics of female K-fashion.

Oversized is à la mode

Want to achieve their signature street-style look? Time to find some oversized pieces. A Korean outfit is incomplete without oversized articles of clothing. The reason why baggy tops or bottoms are preferred by Korean girls is that they provide a comfy and relaxed feel. Not to mention, the resulting tomboyish look is quite chic.

1. Loose tops and cardigans

Every Korean girl loves to wear tees, tops, or blouses that are larger than her actual size. To anyone who hears this, it may seem like a messy, boring trend. But it looks pretty sassy when the

Loose tops and cardigans

Koreans follow it.
What is their secret? They simply buy tops that are two sizes larger and then beautifully pair them up with skinny jeans or tight pants. This balances out their entire profile and gives them the perfect street-style look. If they want to achieve a cute yet laid-back vibe, they simply throw an oversized cardigan or jumper over a plain dress. This is not only best for lazy days but also good for a comfy working mood.

2. Baggy or wide-legged jeans

Baggy jeans are back in vogue when it comes to Korean fashion. You would find that almost all Korean females have at least one pair of baggy jeans or cargo pants in their closets. Boyfriend and mom jeans are a few versions of the baggy jeans preferred by most Korean girls these days.

wide-legged jeans

Flared, wide-legged jeans are another option if you don’t want to risk too much by opting for baggy jeans. These jeans, partnered with a vivid top, are a go-to choice for the ones who adore the edgy street look of K-fashion. To complete the chic look, raw hems are added at the ends. Wearing these flared jeans with short-heeled boots is usually the norm for K-girls, but they also go well with Converse or Vans.

3. Oversized suits

Oversized suits

Korean fashion designers and stylists have brought back this famous trend of the 80s. These oversized suits successfully provide an energetic, in-charge sort of feel to its wearer without compromising on comfort. Korean females achieve this spectacular, street-style look by wearing large blazers paired up with oversized pants usually of the same fabric.

Denim love

The denim fashion sense of South Koreans is truly irresistible. You would hardly find a plain denim article in all of South Korea. Jackets are embellished with funky graffiti and jeans are smartly ripped from the knee and thigh regions.

Korean girls rock such looks by keeping their tops plain and simple. This way, their ripped jeans become the prime focus of their whole outfit. If you want your confidence to skyrocket, follow the footsteps of the Korean ladies and add a chic denim article to your wardrobe.

Denim love

Layer them up

Koreans are adept at layering their outfits which is why mix and match is one of their go-to rules for styling. Korean girls are often seen wearing astonishing combinations of clothes. They simply play around with items in their closets and curate a unique style that matches their personality. Cardigans and sweaters over tops, dresses over blouses, and the use of long scarves are examples of such layering.

1. Dress over a long-sleeved blouse

Revealing shoulder and chest skin is considered ill-suited by most Koreans. This is why this fashion trend is back from the past. Created during the 90s, this fashion trend of wearing a dress over a blouse or even a long-sleeved shirt is loved today by many Korean females. Even K-Pop idols and K-drama celebrities are often seen following this trend in their performances and media appearances.

long-sleeved blouse

2. Roll a scarf

Another simple yet smart move while playing with layering essentials – wrapping a scarf around your neck. This is frequently done by Korean females. This helps you in protecting yourselves from strong autumnal or wintery winds while looking nifty and stylish at the same time.

Roll a scarf


South Korean females are quite daring when it comes to matching patterns. From checks to stripes and plaids, they match patterned pieces together to curate awesome, eye-catching looks. A unique trend associated with this Korean love for patterns is also quite popular these days. Siblings or couples try to match by wearing outfits with similar patterns. This leaves many onlookers simply awe-struck and inspired to follow this trend themselves.



Most of the outfits worn by Korean females constitute some kind of skirt. Especially when they want to achieve a classic and elegant feminine look instead of street style, they always choose skirts over pants or jeans. But this doesn’t mean they appear boring or old-fashioned in any way.
Korean females bring versatility to their skirt looks by experimenting with the skirt’s length and material. Mid-length skirts that are well fitted are the most popular, but pleated, satin skirts are also loved by many. It all depends on the mood and the occasion the outfit is for.
The Midi skirt is one of the better-known examples of skirts that are worn nowadays by many young Korean girls. They pair it up with an oversized jumper or a loose sweater. Sometimes they tuck it in while the other days they let it hang loose. Both these styles are super comfy and chic to wear.

Athleisure craze

This trend has been here for quite some time and it looks like it is here to stay. Especially amongst the young generation, athleisure or sportswear is a significant part of Korean females’ wardrobes. This set of clothing is special as it represents the autonomy of the modern Korean woman. By wearing something that is comfortable yet expressive, these women effectively communicate that they hold the power over their choices.
You can wear athleisure clothing almost everywhere, but these sweatpants and hoods look perfect especially while you are off-duty or traveling.

Athleisure craze

Bold vs pastel colors

South Koreans are very experimental with colors. This can be seen in their modern fashion quite clearly. Korean women specially build their looks around bold, vivid colors including yellow, orange, and purple. They are even daring enough to go for whole outfits in neon shades. If you want to add drama to your fashion style, take a leaf out of these Korean women’s books – make an outfit inspired by their bold choice of shades.

pastel colours
Bold Colours

However, there are those who are not into street-style fashion. These women prefer to achieve a classic and elegant, feminine look by incorporating pastels in their outfits. These pastel shades give the outfit a sophisticated touch. These shades make the wearer look young and youthful and are perfect for autumn.


It is common knowledge that even a single accessory can spice up your outfit and accentuate its beauty. South Korean females are well aware of this trick which is why they use accessories to add more style to their dresses. Dangling earrings and hoops are the go-to jewelry choices for most Korean females. Mini, cross-body bags are very popular, and big shades are a must when it comes to giving an edge to Korean looks. Rounded and aviator-style shades are common among the younger girls.
Chunky belts are smartly incorporated to show off the girls’ natural waistline. To top it off with something edgy and extra, Korean females usually add hats to their look. Headgears, bucket hats, and beanies are popular options these days.



The final element of the outfit is always footwear. Know what’s famous about South Korean females in this regard? They never forget to add height to the final look. As most of them are quite petite, they love to wear heels with almost every outfit. From stilettos to wedges, they are highly skilled at rocking all sorts of heels and boots. One popular kind is sock boots. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time and give an extra edge to any outfit.