South Korea is an East-Asian country surrounded by water from all sides, apart from the one with its neighbor – North Korea. It’s hard to think that this small nation would have as much of an influence on Europe, as it does. Not it a bad way, though.

South Korea has developed a lot over the past years, and they are showing it to everybody. Now, more than ever, you see South Korean originated trends on live television, dramas, YouTube channels, award shows, and much more. You may not even realize what you watch is a Korea-induced trend.
A good example of South Korean trends is Mukbang. You probably have heard of it already. In it, people (South Koreans, of course) sit out in the open, at whatever place desirable and eat food (mostly meat). As strange as it is, it became so globally popular that YouTube even included it in their yearly rewind video of 2018.
What else was included in YouTube Rewind 2018 was K-Pop. Short for Korean Pop, K-pop is basically dances performed on upbeat, pop music. This became such a huge trend that K-Pop became a distinct genre in the dance and music industry. Traditional dance shows would be forced by fans to perform K-Pop dances, and if they did, they would get tons of engagement for it.
There are many more such examples. But the area where South Korea has influenced most is arguably the European fashion industry. You’d be surprised to learn that layering, pastels, pajamas dressing, socks with sandals, and many other fashion trends actually originated from South Korea.
These fashion genres don’t spring up just like that. South Korea has a way of getting trendy. Here we list down how exactly South Korean trends become part of European fashion.

#1. Their entertainment industry

The South Korean entertainment industry has been booming for the past few years. South Koreans are posting more and more on social media, and they are being followed more and more. Apart from this, their TV shows are also being broadcasted throughout Europe because a lot of them are in English.

entertainment industry
How South Korean Trends Influence European Fashion 4

This all leads to South Koreans getting more reach in Europe. Since Korea has its own style of clothing, this provides Europeans with tons of new fashion choices for people that are directly a part of what the trend is about. For example, K-pop (also mentioned in the preamble) gave brand new dance outfits for European dancers to go for, when making dance videos. It’s a subtle change, but an effective and welcoming one.
The Korean entertainment industry is not a small one either. Their companies have produced some of Asia’s most famed musicians and have made a name in fashion and cosmetics. With such outreach, it’s inevitable that Europeans would pick up on some fashion trends from South Korea.

#2. The perfect figure for modeling

You’ve probably seen a Korean before. How would you describe them?
Most people admire the Korean physique from top to bottom. They generally have spotless faces, slim bodies, and a charming look. Their faces are ever so clean of patches and spots that people say they have a natural Snapchat filter applied to them.
This is the perfect recipe for modeling and showcasing. People can’t just ignore a well-dressed Korean. They have all the sexy and cool expressions that are appealing to the public. Anything that good-looking Korean wear is bound to motivate at least a few to try the outfit on. That’s how Korean dressing gets into the European markets, really.

perfect figure
How South Korean Trends Influence European Fashion 5

We don’t mean that all Koreans are professional modeling stars. Don’t get us wrong. By modeling, we mean that Koreans can pull off a dress or suit very well, provided their natural looks. Even if Korean is just being themselves and showing it online, they get attention. More on this phenomenon in the next point.

#3. A credible name

As stated before, South Korea has had significant achievements in the beauty and fashion industry. To vouch for this, companies like L’Oreal and Revlon are always wary of South Korean competition, so they release similar clothing lines. Korean street style trends are always present in brands like Zara, H&M, and Outfitters.
Because of this well-known name in the fashion and beauty industry, Korean clothes and cosmetics have value in the European market. So much so that some Korean brands have even established luxury status, as in, their products are expensive for being premium. Channel, which is a Western luxury brand, even drops special-made clothing lines on the occasion of Korean Fashion Week.
This influences the European fashion market greatly since it is already so dynamic. Anything remotely new has the potential of becoming a fashion trend and Korean fashionistas have done it many times. South Korea has established such a name that whenever a shop-owner tells people that the article is from Korea, they immediately get the idea of quality and fashion. There are even customers that look for Korean clothing only when buying from brands.

#4. Their unique and traditional style

South Korean dressing has a sense of antiquity and uniqueness to it. It’s something that looks traditional, is comfy, and reflects a sense of expression from the wearer. Most Europeans long for this kind of clothing. It hits all the pillars of a good fashion piece.

traditional style
How South Korean Trends Influence European Fashion 6

It’s not all about looks either though. The Korean fashion design is one intricate meaning behind the dress. A history is attached to it and many people consider these dresses sacred. This is enough to get anyone intrigued into trying the dress out, and when trends come, people have even more of a reason to go for it.


South Korean trends have a much larger influence on European fashion than you think. There is a high chance that what you’re wearing right now originated in Korea. It’s the same as what happened with Japanese sushi. It was invented somewhere else but, is popular in Europe even more than in its birthplace.