If you’re keeping up with the current trends of the world, then you might have heard of Korean fashion. It’s the hottest new way to dress these days. Everyone from major fashion icons to celebs, and even fans of Korean music and entertainment consider it to be sought after.
But getting up to speed with Korean fashion might not be as easy as it seems. There are many factors to consider that make up the whole style. So how do you understand the trend from a beginner’s standpoint? Well, buckle up because we’re about to find out.

It’s About Being Inventive and Resourceful

Inventive and Resourceful
Understanding Korean Fashion from a Beginner’s Perspective 5

Ever looked at a pair of ratty old jeans, a baggy t-shirt, and a cardigan to think that you’ve unearthed the latest boom in fashion? No? Well, the Koreans have.
If you want to have a basic summary of what Korean fashion is about, then it’s about making use of things that may seem unconventional. It’s not about inventing the wheel. It’s about making sure that the wheel runs smoother than ever.
After all, what other fashion trend have you utilized those torn old jeans or that pullover that you accidentally got a few sizes too big? Not many. And none, as well as the way Korean fashion, does it.
In a nutshell, it’s the lifehack version of a fashion trend. It makes you look at two seemingly unconnected and disparate pieces of clothes only to figure out a way that actually makes them work.
In that sense, it’s less of a fashion trend and more of a mindset. You won’t have to spend hundreds to look good when you can manage with what you already have. All it takes is a little ingenuity and creativity to enroll yourself into looking good.

Colors Galore

Colors Galore
Understanding Korean Fashion from a Beginner’s Perspective 6

When you think of colors in the context of outfits, it’s always done to achieve a nice contrast. You’re allowed to use any spectrum on the color wheel so long as the other colors compliment it in some way. Green with purple, blue with yellow, orange with maroon, and so on. These combos work best because of the effect they create overall.
But the Korean fashion’s focus on colors is a little different. Instead of focusing on the combinations, it focuses on the colors themselves. The context doesn’t matter so much when the colors themselves will be the first thing that hit your eyes.
The trend tends to focus on using brighter shades of primary colors. You’ll see this a lot with basic outfits, tops or bottoms, and even full suits of the same color.

Generally, solid colors are the norm, but you can also find other stylistic choices. Pastels are a common showcase for this kind of fashion and bring out the toned modern simplistic touch to everything.
Regardless, if you plan on following the trend, you’ll have to get your mind centered around the idea of experimenting with strong and bold color choices. There are a bunch of ways to achieve this. And luckily, there’s no hard and fast rule. But the basic idea has always been to have your colors end up as the be-all end-all of your wardrobe choices in the future.

Dress to Express, Not Impress

Dress to Express
Understanding Korean Fashion from a Beginner’s Perspective 7

When you think of any one fashion trend in the entire world, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Looking good, right? After all, if you’re wearing something that others will end up seeing more than you, then it’s probably for them.
But taking a look at even the most cursory Korean trends will tell you otherwise. Clearly, Korean high fashion isn’t about making an impression on others, it’s about making an expression of yourself. Korean styles help highlight the kind of person you are underneath. They bring out your inner creative soul and lay it out for everyone to easily understand.
That’s what it is at its heart, a way to truly express yourself. If you don’t think the standard wardrobe does your mood and vibe justice, well then there’s an entire world of fashion waiting for you.
This is what makes the whole idea unique. Your outfit is just as customizable as the parts of your personality. You’re allowed to mix and match pieces as you see fit if they can accomplish the same basic premise of creating the vibe that you want them to.

Casual Meets Professional

Casual Meets Professional.jpeg
Understanding Korean Fashion from a Beginner’s Perspective 8

Fashion usually works by sectioning it into looks and functionality. Generally, that means that most outfits are put into a box. You might have noticed this every time you go clothes shopping with outfits separated into casual, formal, semi-formal, and much more.
But Korean fashion doesn’t fall under the same treatment. It’s not at all about preconceived notions of how formal or casual an outfit is. If anything, it breaks down these barriers and blends both worlds together.
See, your attire doesn’t have to be formal or casual. At least not when your outfit can be formal and casual all at the same time. It’s not only an idea that makes for interesting attire, but it can also elevate your image in general.
In Korea, this idea tends to be used a lot among average people and prominent figures. News anchors and TV personalities use it to avoid looking overly serious. Celebs use it to come across as a little professional-minded while still retaining a certain casual flair.
It can be a hard concept to grasp for beginners of this style. But it really helps to stop thinking of fashion as a binary on and off switch. Rather, it helps to think of it as a sliding scale with plenty of options to customize just how much of a party or business meeting your dressing event is.